Service and Rates

Our experience has taught us through the years that our customers are in need of the following services at Le Cheval Laundry.

  • We clean horse clothing and materials such as polo wraps etc.


Blanket and Sheet Cleaning -
includes disinfecting and deodorizing with PH balanced solvent. 

Cleaning of Riding Pads - Western and English saddle pads.

  • English - $8.00
  • Western - $15.00

Stall Curtains
- Stable or show curtains full length panel.       

- includes inspection for wear and tear for extended life of blanket (pricing reflects a 15min. rate for repair). We are known for the quality of our repairs.

Damaged Blanket   After Repairs   

  - solution that is used at the big brand name companies, erg. Rambo blankets.

- blanket is individually packed for easy and safe storage.


Pickup and Delivery  - minimum of 5 blankets - FREE

Please call us for further information to schedule a pickup or an appointment at:

Shop: 860-456-7806  or Cell: 860-428-1283